Potential Horizons

Today I meet with a career counselor to see if switching my degree to religion would be a wise decision. I am currently studying to be a high school history teacher, but that has been on a way to make money for my family, not necessarily a passion of mine. My passions are religion, theology, and philosophy. When I checked O*net on Secondary Teachers of Religion and Philosophy (hehe, and if you read that long thing, it has a buttload of responsibilities attached to it), it said that college teachers of religion and philosophy average around $65K a year with a projected growth rate of 10-19% over the next ten years. That’s what I want to be doing. I want to be studying religion academically (as well as existentially) and helping others in this. I want to be like my favorite teacher, Vernon Purdy, who not only taught, but was available to his students for mentoring and friendship. Maybe that blurs the lines in some minds between teacher and student, but in my friends’ lives and my life, it ignited a passion for learning that went beyond the classroom. Teaching has always been something I’d like to do, it’s just a matter of settling on a subject area. But if this not only fulfills my passion, and also more than pays the bills, booyah!

1 thought on “Potential Horizons

  1. Good luck with the career prospects! And great words on Dr. Purdy. Although I never had him for a class, I remember all those bible studies at his house on Fridays. One of the good memories I have from that chapter of my life.


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