Hi, I’m Monte. Thanks for visiting. I received my M.A. in religious studies at Missouri State University. During this time I looked at “religion.” Scare quotes present bc religion could mean anything and nothing depending on the person using it. We studied institutions historically, sociologically, and anthropologically. We looked at texts through the lenses of different literary theories. It was here that I obliquely encountered Marx (through Manuel Vasquez, Bruce Lincoln, and Russell McCutcheon) and ran with him. Now I enjoy reading about socialism, anarchism, and American history (really modern history from ~1300-present).

I had originally desired to be a professor in the humanities but discovered there were too many dolphins and not enough pond. While it would be nice to teach in some capacity, I am content to share my thoughts here while I pay back a mortgage-worth of loans.

I enjoy engaging with radical thought, because it is where I see humans play most intensely with the boundaries of human culture and human animality.

If you have any questions, suggestions, complaints, or anything, e-mail me at ilostmyprayerhanky to the gmail. Even if you can’t stand me, bring it. I want this to be a meaningful forum, a place of intense discussion but relatively little smashing and pillaging. I will try to give an ear before I throw something to the refuse pile. Unless it’s fascism. Fuck fascism.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m a Lutheran pastor, but I bet you’d be surprised how much sympathy I have for what I think you’re saying. Peace and best wishes, John


    • Thanks for stopping by, John! I think I’m subscribed to you now. When I attempted it, I got a weird error from Scriptblocker, something about crosslisting. Anyway, if it doesn’t show that I’m subscribed, shoot me a line at ilostmyprayerhanky AT gmail.com. Thanky.


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