ilostmyprayerhanky 1.0

These are all of my posts before May 26, 2015 that weren’t directly related to religious studies. Each blog post’s topic is in parentheses.
Hello World! and some directions (initial purpose of blog- arguments for and against the existence of God)
O Father, Where Art Thou? (questions about God and absence)
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEvillllllllllll. (the philosophical problem of evil and my definition of evil)
Worship and Extreme Doubt (dealing with religious doubts and trying to worship at the same time)
What Is This Thing We Call Theology? (an extended question and small answer of how I saw theology)
Potential Horizons (switching of majors from history education to religious studies)
Transcendence, Worship, Openness, and Empathy (questions about God, and questions about relaying one’s doubts to others)
What Will We Be Like as Parents? (thoughts on parenting)
Just How Biased Are You?, or Let’s Play a Game (relationships of biases to thinking)
A Wrinkle in Time, and Non-Intervention (the absence of God and human experience)
Why Do You Attend Church Services? (this included a poll of why people attended church; this was my first attempt at what I would like to do now; I will be taking my first social science course in Spring 2016: Ethnographic Field Methods)
Religion and Neurology (Notes on William James’s “Varieties of Religious Experience”)
What Is Religion? (these were my preliminary thoughts on defining religion; they tended toward essentialism)
Who Brought You to Your Faith? (this was another poll kind of like what I would like to do in religious studies, though poorly executed- I assumed religion=faith)
What’s Faith For? (struggles with faith as blind trust)
A Big What-If (thoughts on how the death of Nietzsche’s father affected him)
So How about That Fall (not the season)? (thoughts about the relationship of God to evil)
The Difference between a Monologuer and a Dialoguer (on pursuing truth in concert rather than competition)
Unconditional love? You really, deep down, unconditionally believe that? (my critique of the notion of unconditional love)
If You Love America, What Is It That You Love? (this comes from a strange time when I was a Tea Partyer; it’s very strange to read now. I distinguished between loving a country for its ideals and loving a country for its real actions)
Religion after Enlightenment (presentation of my interest in secularity, modernism, and interest in pursuing “modern religious thought”)
Social Justice, Liberation, and “Negative Utilitarianism” (my efforts at combining utilitarianism and social justice)
What I Learned This Year (after my first year in religious studies, I found that I had moved away from essentialist musings of religion to more embodied musings, that theology is constructed rather than innate to reality, and that I am not the sole judge of reality- there are many capable people out there to dialogue with)
Why Men Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Vote (blurb from 1915 satirizing critics of women’s suffrage)
Privilege, or My Undeserved, Arbitrary Advantages (a setting out of privileges I enjoy and that the only way I could enjoy them without remorse is opening that possibility to others)
Looking back on Where I’ve Been (on showing grace to people when they change, or reveal themselves to be a certain way all along)
Inevitable (morbid thoughts on mortality)
Summer Lovin’ (on reading heavily and why I formerly had avoided “classics” by “famous theorists”)

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